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Thursday 23 November 2017
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Dudley Borough Business Crime Partnership
The Management Suite, Churchill Shopping Centre,
Birmingham Street, Dudley, West Midlands. DY2 7BL
Tel: 01384 813191 - Fax: 01384 8131926
Email: business.crime@dudley.gov.uk

How it works

Once you have agreed and signed to operate and abide by the protocols and procedures of the scheme, your representatives will be trained to use the portfolio of active persistent offenders operating in your area. They will also be instructed how to use any information provided by the Partnership, within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act, and how to provide accurate intelligence to the Partnership for monitoring criminal activity.


If an offender persists with their activities on your premises this could lead to the Police issuing an exclusion notice from the Partnership that could also lead to the offender being barred by all members of the scheme.


If the offender still persists in their activites following an exclusion notice, the Parnership works with the Police and Courts to ensure a stiffer sentence for the offender when brought to court.

The Partnership uses modern technology to process crime intelligence and is also linked to Central CCTV Monitoring and Radio Link stations.